• 3 bedroom apartment next to the beach

    Vila Nova de Gaia › Canidelo

    • 出售 525 000 €

    参考: 20625/16A PB

  • 物业介绍

    Canidelo, beach is the beach, is the Green, is a synthesis of very own State of mind.
    Considered to be the area with the best beaches in the North, offers paradisiacal landscapes framed by kilometres of crystal-clear beaches on one side and the Douro River on the other. In the middle of all this natural spectacle is the Uno Al Mar.
    UNO Al Mar offers you and your family not only a place of high standard, but a living space that feeds the soul, body and intellect with experiences available every day.
    This is reflected in a range of high quality services, designed to interact with the living and recreational areas.
    Talk, for example, leisure aimed at their seaside walks, and to do this simply open the door to live this wonderful experience.

    The UNO AL MAR is nature, is the breeze that brings the smell of the sea, the quality of life that gives us combining the proximity of all services of the quality and accuracy of finishing details and constructive.

    Living in Uno Al Mar is able to live a unique feeling of well-being and tranquility.
    There's something unique, inexplicable.
    Awaits you pair become perfect.

    UNO Al Mar P1 Ap1 2.3 to
    20379/16PB J
    • 4
    • 200 m²
    • 574 m²
    • 出售 525 000 €
    • 区: Porto
    • 县: Vila Nova de Gaia
    • 教区: Canidelo
    • 区: - - -
    • 状态: 在项目中
    • 参考: 20625/16A PB
    • 物业类型: 房子
    • 卧室: 4 多个卧室
    • 面积: 200 m²
    • 土地面积: 574 m²
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    Madalena Valente
    Arcada Porto
    电话: 925039886 / 227661115
    邮件: madalenavalente@arcada-imobiliaria.com
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    • 房间
      • 全部卧室
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      • 土地面积 m²
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